DA Ecobale

Robert Owen

Brookfield Farm, Merseyside

Acres farmed – 800
Stock – 130 continental beef
Crops – wheat, barley, potatoes,  beans, carrots, swedes, broccoli
1,500 haylage bales for the equine market and own cattle.
Additive used – DA Ecobale

Robert Owen, of R A Owen & Sons, farms 800 acres of rich peaty land in Merseyside. He grows a diverse selection of vegetables, including potatoes, beans, carrots, swedes and broccoli. Some on-farm cleaning, processing and packaging is done in order to supply wholesale markets throughout the UK. 

Brookfield FarmHe also has a thriving equine haylage business, producing 1500 bales a year to supply a loyal, local customer base, as well as distributers. Repeat business forms the foundation of the business, so Robert focuses on maintaining a consistent high quality of haylage product. Double Action Ecobale plays a key role in this.

Robert says: ‘Double Action Ecobale gives you a more uniform and consistent product. As we have progressed with our haylage business, we have improved everything along the way. That includes better bale wrapping, bale handling and taking baling in-house. Using Double Action Ecobale has been a part of that improvement.’  

‘The customers don’t know it’s on, but they like the product, so you ask yourself: is it worth risking not using it when you’ve got a good formula.’

Robert adds: ‘If it saves one wasted bale in 50, it’s paid for its self.’

If it saves one wasted bale in 50, it’s paid for its self.