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Helping farmers make better silage

One of the biggest challenges in making great silage is that the conditions are always changing! It makes it very difficult to compare one clamp to another and to figure out what went well, and what needs improvement. There are however huge clues in the clamp that point to your current process, and the quality of the silage produced.

Our dedicated team of Ecosyl Silage Experts can help interpret this information, by looking at the physical characteristics of the silage and the clamp, and by looking at silage analysis data to understand the feed quality of what is produced.

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  • Ken stroud 2663 051 sml experts (1) experts

    Northern Ireland

    Ken Stroud

    T. 07713 197084


    Ken has worked in agriculture for over 35 years. He's currently heavily involved with Cut To Clamp, carrying out forage audits on farm in order to help farmers maximise their production with home grown forages and make the right choices for their enterprise.

  • Una hickey experts

    National Sales Manager

    Una Hickey

    T. 0872 217358


    Una has worked with Volac for the past 12 years and is National Sales Manager for the past 2 years. Una believes milk produced from forage is an important part of sustainable farming.

  • Tomas oreilly experts

    North East Ireland

    Tomas O'Reilly

    T. 0874 389169


    Recently joined Volac from a farming background, Tomas has hands on knowledge of the importance of producing quality silage economically.

  • John paul harkin experts

    North West Ireland

    John Paul Harkin

    T. 0872 555021


    J.P. has a keen interest in silage making particularly in difficult soil and changeable weather conditions.

  • Alistair sampson experts

    Northern Ireland

    Alistair Sampson

    T. 0786 0626442


    With over 30 years experience in agriculture and a background in contracting, Alistair has a wealth of knowledge in quality forage preservation.

  • Rebecca osullivan experts

    Central Ireland

    Rebecca O'Sullivan

    T. 0870 655545


    Rebecca understands the importance of high quality forage production and is working closely with farmers to help them achieve this.

  • David whyte experts

    South West Ireland

    David Whyte

    T. 0862 682682


    David has been involved in agricultural sales for over 20 years, supplying milk replacer to dairy farmers with a special interest in computerised calf feeding.

  • Sharon odonoghue experts

    South West Ireland

    Sharon O'Donoghue

    T. 087 3659558


    Sharon is currently involved on farm work to help farmers maximise their production with home grown forages.

  • Liam gannon experts

    South East Ireland

    Liam Gannon

    T. 0862 659871


    With over 25 year’s experience in agriculture, Liam has a wealth of knowledge of forage harvesting in Irish climatic conditions.

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