Improve Fermentation with Ecosyl 100 Silage Additives

The use of proven silage additives can really make a difference to the overall efficiency and profitability of your farm. Ecosyl 100 is well proven over a wide range of ensiling conditions and crops to maximise fermentation, reduce nutrient losses and improve animal performance.

Ecosyl 100  applies a high number of lactic acid bacteria to kick off a fast fermentation. This means that less nutrients are used up and there are more to feed.

These bacteria are a special strain of Lactobacillus plantarum, MTD/1, which produce large amounts of lactic acid quickly and efficiently. MTD/1 is recognised by silage experts worldwide to have more supporting trial data behind it than any other inoculant. It has been thoroughly proven over a wide range of crops and ensiling conditions to improve fermentation and animal performance.

Dairy cows feeding on forage

Using Silage Additives - Ecosyl 100 in Action

Fermentation and feeding trials comparing Ecosyl treated with untreated crops have shown:

  • 24 hours after ensiling there were 25 times more LAB in MTD/1 treated silage than in untreated silages
  • This caused pH to fall much more quickly – reaching a stable pH 4.5 after 24 hours rather than 2 days
  • Ecosyl treated forage had higher digestibility (+3D) which increases feed conversion efficiency
  • Cows produce more milk, an average of 1.2 l/cow/day
  • Growing cattle liveweight gains increased significantly by more than 15%

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How to use Ecosyl 100

How to use Product benefits:

  • Available in a range of pack sizes to suit your needs
  • Can be applied through any applicator, standard or ULV, at any rate from 20 ml/t to 2 l/tonne
  • Tank mix life – 48 hours
  • ULV tank mix can be stored for up to 10 days in the fridge
  • Shelf life 24 months in cool dry place (unopened) or 3 days once open
  • GMO free and suitable for organic use

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