DA Varicool

DA Varicool offers more flexible application of DA Ecostable and DA Ecocorn. The inoculant and preservative are applied separately, allowing the preservative to be applied at variable rates depending on the risk of spoilage.

Features and Benefits

  • Faster, more efficient fermentation
  • Improved aerobic stability
  • Reduced DM losses
  • Improved palatability
  • Improved animal performance

Mixing and application

DA Varicool as an Inoculant:

  • Dilute to 2 litres in the bottle
  • Apply at 20 ml per tonne using a suitable ULV applicator e.g. Ecosyler

DA Varicool as a Preservative:

  • Dilute six cans to 100 litres
  • Apply liquid at variable rates from 0.33 to 1 litre/t with a standard applicator, e.g. Ecoflow

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