The 'key' to good fermentation

Taking a few moments to understand fermentation, and how to take back control of it using ‘friendly bacteria’, can pay dividends. Take a look below at our handy collection of articles, downloads and videos... ✅ ⬇️ 📹

✅ ARTICLE: Good silage starts in the field but finishes in the clamp

Making sure the correct fermentation process takes place in the clamp is key to making high quality forage.

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To maximise the protein and energy content of silage, the fermentation should rapidly produce lactic acid as the principal end product. The beneficial bacteria, Lactobacillus plantarum, facilitates this lactic acid fermentation.

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✅ ARTICLE: Fermentation - the secrets under the covers

Achieving a good fermentation is key to making the best grass silage. But what actually goes on in your clamp?

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Several stages have an impact on fermentation. By understanding what an ideal fermentation looks like, it is easier to appreciate why certain steps are so important to get right.

Secrets under the sheets

📹 VIDEO: Cut to Clamp Silage Lessons – Fermentation

📹 VIDEO: Checking the PH of the silage

📹 VIDEO: What does your clamp smell like?

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