Grassland and Silage Toolkit - 2022

Volac are once again pleased to contribute to the Grassland Toolkit this 2022 - packed to the brim with useful tips on improving forage production and utilisation!

Cover Image GTGains from improved milk prices could be eroded by high costs of ammonium nitrate and with the market forecasts showing fertiliser prices are unlikely to drop any time soon,  farmers should be thinking hard about what they can do to mitigate these escalating costs.

Taking a targeted approach to the use of manures and slurries as part of a comprehensive nutrient management plan is essential, and switching to precision slurry application techniques could be an asset on your farm and lead to reduced contamination and improved grass growth.

Dairy farmers are constantly being urged to increase milk from forage, but the exact financial benefits of doing this are not always spelled out.

The Grassland Toolkit includes 20-pages packed to the brim with useful tips on improving forage production and utilisation, including; Volac – Financial benefits of feeding better silage.

Download the Grassland Toolkit here.

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