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The Volac range of Ecosyl silage additives is effective in maintaining the nutritional quality of silage, whether clamp, big bale, maize or whole crop. Here are some of key features and benefits of using our silage additives.

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Latest research

New farm-based research from Volac has examined the potential of multi-cut to deliver extra milk, with results confirming that grass from a five-cut system was more nutritious than that from a traditional three-cut approach.

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Better quality silage

Using Ecosyl treatment has led to increased intakes in some, but not all, trials. Therefore, it can only partially explain the improvements in animal performance.

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Livestock benefits

There have been a total of 19 beef trials with Ecosyl. Five of these were with growing cattle that were fed grass silage with Ecosyl treatment. The results showed on average a significant 15.2% improvement in daily live weight gain.

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Better aerobic stability

Aerobic instability forage heating can have a huge effect on silage palatability and intake. Ultimately, it will affect animal performance and could lead to mycotoxin contamination.

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Helps in poor weather

There are now well over 200 fermentation trials on Ecosyl, covering a wide range of crop types, DMs and ensiling conditions. Whichever way you look at the results, Ecosyl has been shown to significantly improve fermentation.

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Research and development

At Ecosyl, we’re leading the way in the research and development of new technologies and management techniques which aim to improve the efficiency of animal production from forage.

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DA Technology

High dry matter (DM) crops are more prone to aerobic spoilage, especially at feedout. This results in high DM losses, significantly reducing their potential intake and production advantages.

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MTD/1 is the unique high performance strain of Lactobacillus plantarum proven to improve fermentation and animal performance.

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