Get more from your silage in 2023

After a season like 2022, which left many producers facing silage shortfalls because of the drought, it’s a good time to reappraise your silage-making and take greater control over what happens in your clamp.Ecosyl Offer

*Offer ends 31st January 2023

Using a good quality silage additive serves two purposes. By improving the fermentation – the pickling process that preserves silage – reduces dry matter (DM) losses, but it also leads to better preservation of silage quality. This is important because if you want more milk from forage, quality silage is key.

Ecosyl, our scientifically-proven additive, applies a million beneficial Lactobacillus plantarum MTD/1 bacteria per gram of grass treated. MTD/1 is important because it is highly efficient at fermentation.

Research also shows that grass ensiled without an additive lost a tenth of its DM, but in grass silage made with Ecosyl these DM losses were more than halved. If 1,000 tonnes of fresh grass had been ensiled at 32% DM – i.e. 320 tonnes of DM ensiled – these reduced losses with Ecosyl would have equated to having 17.6 more tonnes of silage DM available to feed.

If grass is ensiled without an additive, the fermentation will be at the mercy of whatever bacteria are naturally present on the grass, including bad bacteria, which is an unnecessary risk.

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