Improve your silage at the click of a button!

We have a selection of great tools to help you with clamp management, calculating clamp stock levels, finding out your value per acre and discovering which silage additive is best for your crop.

CowsFind our selection of handy toolkits today.


  • Clamp Manager - A series of multiple choice questions to assess the quality of your silage clamp and how likely you are to experience aerobic spoilage.
  • Clamp Silage Stocks - This tool will calculate how much silage you have and work out how long it will last.
  • Value per acre - Work out the potential financial benefits of using our products.
  • Product selector - Use our handy tool to find out which of our silage additives is most suitable for your crop type and dry matter percentage.

Looking to make consistently better silage? We also have a fantastic range of useful interactive resources and downloadable brochures with all you need to know about silage making.

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