Campaign for Better Silage

'Campaign for Better Silage' is a new 2023 initiative brought to you by Volac, Krone, Sinclair McGill and Yara. The campaign offers advice to dairy farmers on how to navigate the inevitable grassland challenges 2023 will bring, as well as offering best practice guidance to ensure maximum production on every farm.Campaign for better silage The exceptionally dry weather in 2022 has left many grassland farmers with a shortfall of silage and 2023 looks to set to be a particularly challenging season for many. That said, some farmers did manage the 2022 season better than others and employed grassland techniques which have seen them finish the year with adequate stocks.

The continuing economic crisis, coupled with unquestionable changing weather patterns, means that identifying and sharing the techniques which produce best results is going to be critical for the industry to embrace moving forward.

Follow us on our social media accounts Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to develop vital skills that will allow you to produce consistently better silage. We have currently answered questions including:

  • "Climate change is clearly having an impact on growing seasons but to what extent do farmers need to consider changing practices to accommodate this?"
  • "How can farmers make their current stocks go further?"
  • "What should farmers be looking at when deciding to take first-cut?" 
  • "Can you over roll?"
  • "Should I wilt for 24 hours?"
  • "What should I do about silage slippage under 35 dry matter?"
  • "Why is covering a clamp so important?"

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