A farmer's perspective on enhancing silage quality

Silage making is a critical component of modern farming, influencing the quality and quantity of forage available for livestock. In our latest Campaign For Better Silage video, we delve into the experiences of Aled Morris, a respected dairy farmer from North Wales and a devoted Ecosyl user for over a decade.

Ecosyl bottleIn the pursuit of maximising milk production from forage, Mr Morris, has achieved impressive results by combining improved practices with the use of Ecosyl and Ecocool. With a clear focus on enhancing his herd's nutrition, his journey is a testament to the positive impact of Ecosyl on milk quantity, farm productivity and sustainability.

Through the implementation of advanced farming practices and the incorporation of Ecosyl products into his silage making process, Mr Morris has witnessed a significant increase in milk quantity derived from forage. Previously averaging 2,500 liters, the farms milk production has soared to an impressive 3,200 liters. 

By enhancing fermentation and preserving key nutrients, Ecosyl ensures that the silage retains its nutritional value, providing a high-quality feed source for his herd. This improved forage quality directly translates into greater milk production, reflecting the exceptional results Mr Morris has achieved.

Explore the Benefits of Multi-Cut

In this latest Campaign For Better Silage video, Ken Stroud, Volac silage expert delves into the invaluable benefits of multi-cut and sheds light on its positive impact. In the ever-evolving agricultural industry, adapting to changing environments is paramount to success. Discover how embracing the multi-cut approach can revolutionise your farm's silage production and optimise your forage quality.

The increasingly popular multi-cut approach of cutting grass for silage while younger and taking more cuts per season offers a number of potential advantages:

  • Higher ME (for milk production) – because younger grass is more digestible
  • Higher protein content – because nitrogen assimilated into protein by the plant hasn’t yet been ‘diluted’ by extra growth
  • Higher overall yield – from more cuts over the season

Additional benefits include:

  • Easier silage-making / less weather-dependent – because lighter cuts wilt faster
  • Easier clamp consolidation – because younger grass contains less stem material
  • Reduced silage variability – from grass being cut at a more uniform growth stage
  • Higher silage intakes – since increased digestibility means less time in the rumen

Campaign for Better Silage

Grassland plays a vital role in dairy farming, serving as the primary source of nutrition for livestock. However, various factors such as weather conditions, disease pressures, and changing environmental dynamics can significantly impact grassland quality and productivity. It is crucial for farmers to stay informed and implement effective strategies to optimize silage production and ensure the highest quality feed for their animals.

The Campaign for Better Silage is here to support dairy farmers on this journey. Through comprehensive guidance and expert advice, we aim to empower farmers with the insights and techniques necessary to navigate the challenges of 2023 successfully. Our team of industry experts will address key topics such as grassland management, silage preservation, and maximizing production efficiency.

By embracing the best practices outlined in the campaign, farmers can unlock the full potential of their grassland and achieve improved silage quality and quantity. This, in turn, will lead to enhanced animal health, increased milk production, and ultimately, greater farm profitability.

We invite all dairy farmers to join us in this exciting initiative. Together, we can overcome the challenges that 2023 may present and work towards a future of excellence in silage production. Stay tuned for updates, expert insights, and practical tips as we embark on this journey toward better silage and greater farm success.

Check out our latest Campaign For Better Silage video today. 

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