Silage Advice

How important is clamp management at feedout?

Having produced a well fermented, high quality silage, it is vital that the feeding out procedure is managed effectively because high losses and reduced animal performance may result from aerobic spoilage.  Unfortunately, the best preserved silages are the most susceptible to aerobic spoilage because several of the products of a poor fermentation (acetic acid, butyric acid, ammonia) are inhibitory to the yeasts that initiate spoilage.

Cow feeding

Tips for Clamp Management at Feedout:

  • Have as narrow a face as possible
  • Avoid overhangs
  • Keep the sheet off the open face
  • Maintain a tidy face (block cutter/shear grab)
  • Keep the face straight
  • Clear up fallen silage regularly
  • Discard mouldy silage
  • With high DM silage and/or hot weather move across the face faster by taking shallower bites with the shear grab

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