Silage Advice

Why should I consider making bales?

Originally bales tended to be one way of avoiding having to invest capital in a new clampThey were also useful if you wanted to make a bit more silage and the clamp was full.  Now, improvements in baling and wrapping equipment means that baled silage can be every bit as good as clamped silage and, because of potentially lower losses, may cost less too.  This makes bales a first option for many farms rather than something to fall back on. Having some bales of 1st cut means you don’t have to open the clamp for autumn calvers.  Over 25% of grass silage is now baled.

BalesSubstituting big bale silage for hay also has advantages as it simplifies and improves sward management.  You can use the same seed mixture and fertiliser regime for all of your conservation area.  You will also increase the total dry matter that can be produced per hectare as you will be using more productive, earlier heading varieties.