Silage Advice

How should I store bales?

Store bales in a dry, sheltered area preferably on a prepared base. They should not be overhung by trees and should be at least 10 metres from a water course, ditch or field drain.

BalesStack height depends on the dry matter of the silage. Bales made of lush, leafy grass should not be stacked at all. If the DM is 25-35% they can be stacked two high and if more than 35% they can be stacked three or four high. Stacking them on their ends is another option as the ends have more layers over them so provide extra protection, but they tend to be less stable so you can’t stack them so high.

Stack within 24 hours of wrapping and do not disturb them again for at least three weeks if possible.

If you are concerned about vermin damage bait the area around the stack – not within the stack.  If birds are a problem it would be wise to net the stack. Some people say that mounting a plastic bird-of-prey (obtainable from gun shops) is also very effective. Also, make sure you protect the stack from the attentions of livestock.

Inspect the bales for damage regularly and seal any holes. Use those bales first.