Silage Advice

With multi-cut, do I need to take first cut earlier in the season?

Go with the plant, cut the plant early and regularly at 28-30 days. Remember ryegrass is at its highest quality with three leaves; a fourth leaf means one is dead and rotting, so energy density will be lower.Plus, you also increase the risk of bringing potentially harmful yeast and moulds into the clamp.

Grass silage Be organised so you are ready to go when the plant is, make sure you tell the contractor chop length and mowing height - don’t assume he will know.

The date for first cut will vary depending on a number of factors, such as where you are in the country - but it should certainly be before grass comes into head. For people wanting to make multi-cut, consider cutting it intervals of less than six weeks, because six weeks gives grass the opportunity to head. A one-week delay in cutting after heading could mean 3.6 units of digestibility value lost and getting extra D value can save your feed.