Silage Advice

How to avoid fertiliser or slurry contamination in subsequent cuts.

We need to be applying the slurry to the soil, we don’t want to be applying it to the leaf because of what happens in the pit. Slurry needs to be tested and applied at approximately 25,000 litres/ha. We need at least 10 weeks between slurry and first cut, so it needs to be as early in winter as possible. It should ideally be applied with a trailing shoe or injector, and never a splash plate.

trailing shoeIdeally, we would only apply bagged fertiliser between cuts as the risk of contaminating the grass leaf with slurry is too large. However, I appreciate this isn’t always possible. If applying slurry between cuts, cut back the application and make sure the slurry is of very low dry matter - about 2%. Again, ideally inject the slurry or use a trailing shoe applicator.