Silage Toolkit: your comprehensive resource for silage success

Silage making is a critical aspect of dairy farming, and getting it right can significantly impact the quality and profitability of your operation. To support farmers like you in optimising your silage management practices, we are thrilled to introduce our selection of helpful tools on our website.

Cows feeding on silageThis invaluable resource provides a range of tools designed to enhance your understanding, decision-making, and overall success in silage production. Let's explore what our tools have to offer:

1. Clamp Manager - Assessing Silage Clamp Quality

Our Clamp Manager tool is a game-changer when it comes to evaluating the quality of your silage clamp. It consists of a series of multiple-choice questions that assess various aspects of your clamp, such as sealing, compaction, and covering. By answering these questions, you'll gain insights into the likelihood of experiencing aerobic spoilage and identify areas for improvement. Take advantage of this tool to ensure your silage clamp is optimised for maximum preservation and minimal spoilage.

2. Clamp Silage Stocks - Planning for the Future

Knowing the quantity of silage you have and how long it will last is essential for effective feed planning. Our Clamp Silage Stocks tool takes the guesswork out of this process. By inputting key information such as the size of your clamp and the average daily feed requirement, this tool will calculate the amount of silage you currently have and estimate its longevity. This valuable insight enables you to plan your feed supply effectively and make informed decisions about future forage requirements.

3. Value per Acre - Maximising Financial Benefits

Understanding the financial benefits of using our products is crucial for informed decision-making. Our Value per Acre tool helps you calculate the potential financial advantages of incorporating our silage additives into your operation. By inputting relevant data such as product cost, application rate, and expected yield improvements, this tool provides an estimate of the value you can expect to generate per acre. Use this tool to assess the potential return on investment and make sound financial decisions for your farm.

4. Product Selector - Finding the Perfect Match

Selecting the right silage additive for your specific crop type and dry matter percentage is vital for achieving optimal results. Our Product Selector tool simplifies this process by providing customized recommendations based on your inputs. By answering a few questions about your crop and desired outcomes, this tool identifies the most suitable additive from our range of products. Additionally, it calculates the number of packs you'll need to purchase based on the area of land you intend to cover. Save time and make confident choices with our Product Selector tool.

Visit our website today and access our comprehensive toolkit to unlock the full potential of your silage management practices. With these valuable resources at your fingertips, you'll be equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to achieve outstanding results in silage production.

We are committed to supporting farmers like you on your journey to silage management success. Explore our toolkits, leverage its power, and take your silage production to new heights.

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